Chorus officers:

  • President:
  • VP:
  • Treasurer:
  • Secretary:
  • At-Large:
  • At-Large:
  • Linda Atkins
  • Lee Ann Chearneyi
  • Pat Hartman
  • Carol Chandler
  • Joan Coyne
  • Lynn Nowak
  • Sue Reid
Special Thanks to Our Volunteers

Section Liaisons:

  • Soprano;
  • Alto I;
  • Alto II;
  • Tenor
  • Bass;
  • Jill Ivy Hoins
  • Jody Glaubman
  • Pat McMinds
  • Tim Whicher
  • Jon Stafford

Music Librarian and Registrar Kitty Reed
Publicity Chairperson Lynn Nowak
Sue Reid preparing MIDI files.
Pat Hartman manages ticket sales.
Sue Reid does our web site.
Pam Clise is our historian.

We are grateful to St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church for allowing us to use their space for rehearsals.

Artistic Staff

  Jon Stafford, Director, Winter 2018

  Sarah Moran, Director, Winter 2018

  Theresa Cherdoan, Pianist, Winter 2018